Get started: Note Taking

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ONE person in your group:
Make a copy of the Google Doc Energy Project Notes notetaking sheet, rename. and share:
  1. Open
  2. Click "File" and from the drop down menu, select "Make a copy"
  3. The Google Doc will now have a title that says "Copy of..."
  4. Click the title and a dialogue box will appear allowing you to edit the title.
  5. RENAME the title with BLOCK (as a number), TEACHER, Your GROUP MEMBERS' names, and the Title Energy Resource Notes. Leave spaces.
    • Example: 1B Griffith Bob Bubba Bart Energy Resource Notes
  6. SHARE with Mr. Griffith, Mrs. Johnson and your group members.

If you do not have a Google Apps Account use:
Word Version If you are using Word, click "Save As" and save to your H drive.

Example Note Taking Sheet

by Mr. Griffith and Mrs. Johnson

Building Your Web Page

Watch the Energy Web Page Tutorials
Build your page on the EMS ENERGY Website

Resources for Research


Premium Library Resources

On the Web

  • The Energy Story is the award-winning energy education website of the California Energy Comission
  • Energy 4 Me A website from the Society of Petroleum Engineers, so may have a bias, but some good information.
  • National Atlas is great government webpage that provides a lot of useful information about the many different sources of energy that we use in the US.
  • EIA Energy Kids is a page developed by the Department of Energy for young students. It explains what energy is and various forms of renewable energy.

Media Sources